It is not about Me!!!

   This site is open to congregations that are in search of a minister and who might be interested in    the skills that I could offer you.  It is a combination of ministerial profile and curriculum vitae. I      have served churches in urban, suburban, and rural communities.  With over 35 years of pastoral  ministry and teaching I have a wealth of experience that might meet the needs of your  congregation.  One of the most important lessons I have learned is that parish ministry is not  about me.  It is about your community of faith.

 Despite all I have learned and taught about church administration, growth, marketing, budgets  and fundraising, vital congregations are communities of radical hospitality, rich preaching and  worship, and service to humankind. The roles and responsibilities that have defined my work  include quality preaching, adult religious education, pastoral care, and social justice ministry.  You  will have the opportunity on this site to explore these themes.  Will my experience be a good match  for your congregation?  That is the central question.


Rev. Dr. Gary Blaine

544 – 70th

Walton, KS 67151

Phone: (H) 620.367.2508      (C) 316.239.5474

email: drgaryblaine@yahoo.com


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